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Friday November 13, 2015

The Ghost of BraveTart Past

Hello, sweet friends.

Yesterday, my web-host decided to eat the BraveTart database in a server migration. Fortunately, I had a backup of all my blog posts, recipes, and photography, so most everything was quickly restored. Unfortunately, Mail Chimp decided to interpret that activity as a call to action.

sugar cookies with pearl sugar

I’m sorry to assail your collective inbox twice in a morning, but it seemed silly to let the Ghost of BraveTart run amok without explanation. I’ve been laying low, continuing to work on The Infamous Book, as well as some amazing projects with King Arthur Flour, Eating Well, Saveur, and Serious Eats, which I look forward to sharing as soon as I’m able. Until then, I wanted to dash off a short explanation and apologize for the misfire.

Much love,


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chocolate mini egg cookies

Mini Egg Chocolate Cookies


I may be the kinda girl that makes her own Fruit Roll-Ups and Reese’s Cups, but a few of my favorite sweets elude the DIY approach. At the top of that list: Cadbury Mini Eggs.

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Shooting Star

stuffed animals and macarons

Avoiding Brown Macarons


First: when macarons begin to brown around the edges within ten minutes of baking, don’t turn down the heat, check your dye.

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brownie with pumpkin seeds

St. Patrick's Day Dessert


A few of my favorite ways to add an all natural pinch of green to your holiday table.

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