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Sunday April 13, 2014

Mini Egg Chocolate Cookies

I may be the kinda girl that makes her own Fruit Roll-Ups and Reese's Cups, but a few of my favorite sweets elude the DIY approach.

At the top of that list, Cadbury Mini Eggs. There’s just no way to tumble lopsided blobs of milk chocolate with a liquid candy shell unless you have the help of industrial equipment. Perhaps I’ll crack the code someday, but in the meantime I’m willing to give Mini Eggs a pass.

Double chocolate Cadbury Mini-Egg cookies for spring.

I somehow made it all the way to culinary school before I’d ever tried one. My best friend had what seemed like a bizarre obsession with Mini Eggs, and she had a special ritual too. She’s put an unopened bag on my dashboard whenever we went out for a spring drive, leaving them in the sun while we’d shop for groceries. When we’d come back, the Mini Egg shells would be glossy and bright, but still crunchy against the melty chocolate inside.

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