Monday September 27, 2010

Sweet Cuppin' Cakes

Rosco and I recently had the supreme pleasure of attending a birthday party held in honor of not one, but two three year old children.

You might think I wrote that with a hint of sarcasm, but let me assure you, I did not.

How did we, childless hipsters, end up at this soiree? My friend Kristin, consummate foodie and mother to birthday boy Will, let team BraveTart crash the party with cupcakes and cameras in order to create/document the chaos and cuteness that ensued.

If you ever need your spirits lifted, a reminder that something pure and good still exists in this world, give a small child a cupcake. Uh, one whose parents know you. And with their permission. Otherwise, you may get a reminder of some. . . other stuff in life. Like our legal system.

These kids dove into their cupcakes with a surprisingly fierce sense of purpose, methodically devouring buttercream before face-planting into the cake itself. Get ready for some squee.

Girl biting corner off cupcake

Cupcake Nirvana

I want to be this little girl.

I want to enjoy a dessert with such focus and determination that I don’t realize or even care that I have it smeared all over my face. Or that my fingers feel sticky. Or that I might get chocolate on my shirt. Or that someone has a camera pointed in my face.

I think the little girl below, Katelyn, has a future as a food critic. She seems like she’s breaking down the taste, one ingredient at a time. “Aside from the obvious notes of cinnamon, I’m tasting something floral. Cardamom?”

Little girl holding cupcake

little girl about to eat cupcake

I know in more metro parts of the country cupcakes have already jumped the shark, but cupcake cafes have only recently started to spring up in Lexington, Kentucky. I had really hoped this trend would pass us by, and we could skip straight to the macarons.

It’s not that I don’t love cupcakes. On the contrary, they’re my favorite. I’m just appalled at the egregiously low quality of “boutique” cupcakes. Nothing grosses me out more than crusted-over frosting and the icky grit of powdered sugar.

So skip the overpriced cupcakes, 90% frosting by weight. Make up a couple dozen autumnal Chai Cocoa Cupcakes with silky smooth Swiss Buttercream in whatever flavor strikes your fancy. Or cupcake-ify my Gluten Free Chocolate or Bourbon Buttermilk Vanilla cake recipes. (For a site called BraveTart, we sure make a lot of cake around here.)

Kristin’s son (below) began asking about cupcakes approximately 30 seconds into the birthday party. When it finally came time for the sweet cuppin’ cakes, Rosco barely had time to take off his lense cap, Will had a date with chocolate and would wait for no one.

He ate two, possibly three cupcakes with the sort of reckless mania only little boys can manage.

little boy eating cupcake

boy cramming cupcake in mouth

(Rosco has the full party documented here if you can’t get enough of this cuteness.)

I sort of want to make kids-eating-things a new category on BraveTart, I think we could all learn a lot on proper dessert enjoyment technique. Do all kids eat this way, or did we just get a particularly enjoyable batch at the party?

Hope this brightens everyone’s rainy Monday a little!

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Sep 28, 2010 ·  6:05 AM

everything looks very good and well done! congratulations! I have a cooking blog, though I’d love to come and visit.
greetings from italy

 · Giovanna Tamiazzo ·

Sep 30, 2010 · 10:39 AM

SO CUTE! I love the idea for a “kids-eating-things” category

The cupcakes sound fabulous, too

 · Kaitlin ·

Sep 30, 2010 ·  3:28 PM

I think we should also find a way to include a sound clip of Will saying “chawww-clat” somewhere with this post. Otherwise, perfect!

 · kingwell · 

Sep 30, 2010 ·  7:32 PM

That would be the best! I’ll get the um, BraveTart Technical Support Team on that….


Feb 11, 2011 ·  7:53 AM

OMG, they are so cute!!! thanks for sharing!! (and i definitely want a cupcake now!!)

 · Ulli ·


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