Wednesday February 9, 2011

Pop Goes My Tart

Valentine’s Day. Some would prefer to ignore it, others to embrace it, and some would just like to leave the hype behind and enjoy a little innocent romance.

Likewise, the homemade Pop Tart. Some think jumped the shark ages ago, others will always have room for it in their recipe box, and some just want to enjoy a little culinary nostalgia.

Me? I’m all for Valentine’s Day and Pop Tarts. At the same time.


In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’ve added chocolate cherry Pop Tart filling to the list of filling recipes that coordinate with my homemade Pop Tart dough.

What camp do you fall into? Are you totally over Valentine’s Day and Pop Tarts, or do you still have room in your heart for one or both of those sweet traditions?

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Feb 09, 2011 · 11:00 AM

Adorable! They also have a Alice in Wonderland-esque quality. I’m thinking, the Queen of Hearts’ deck of cards guards (whoa that was a mouthful!).

 · Jessica ·

Feb 09, 2011 · 12:21 PM

My husband is totally addicted to Pop Tarts! We have to have them in the house all the time! I think if I made these for him he’s throw rose petals at my feet! I’m gonna have to try this and see.

 · Christina ·

Feb 09, 2011 ·  1:47 PM

Adorable treats!

There is always room in my heart for the V-Day and Pop Tarts. Honestly a holiday that revolves around chocolate…I’m in. We probably shouldn’t speak of my unnatural Pop Tart love.

 · briarrose ·

Feb 09, 2011 ·  4:37 PM

Very creative idea. I just might have to steal the thought!

 · threemealsaday ·

Feb 09, 2011 ·  6:08 PM

V-Day 4Evr. Pop Tarts 4Nevr.

 · Mallowsota · 

Feb 09, 2011 ·  6:23 PM

Adorable! These are absolutely precious.

I’m not over either thing, and had also been considering combining the two, myself! I’m glad that you did it!

 · Kaitlin ·

Feb 09, 2011 ·  8:23 PM


 · Liz ·

Feb 10, 2011 ·  8:40 AM

I still love pop tarts, all that sugar for breakfast is awesome. I’ve got to get around to making them some day!

 · Vicki @ Wilde in the Kitchen ·

Feb 11, 2011 ·  9:10 AM

These would make an adorable Vday breakfast for kids! I think I will make them for mine. Thanks for sharing!

 · Marianne at MealMixer ·

Feb 11, 2011 · 10:16 AM

These look so cute! Definitely have never made homemade Pop Tarts before, but truly believe that Pop Tarts and Valentine’s Day are meant for eachother!

 · Peggy ·

Feb 11, 2011 · 10:53 AM

@Jessica, now that you mention it, there is a bit of a Queen of Hearts vibe. Hmmm…

@Mallowsota, aw, come on. I know you want to love them. By the way, you are easily the most beautiful person I know. There. I said it.

@Marianne, wow, you sound like an awesome mom!!!

I’m so happy to see that most people are still on board for Team Pop Tart!


Feb 11, 2011 · 11:58 AM

This will be a good alternative to baking the usual cookies and cakes for valentine’s day. Perfect and cute!

 · Julie ·

Feb 11, 2011 ·  4:09 PM

wow! such a nice idea. and congrats on making the top 9! there’s a restaurant in DC called Ted’s Bulletin that makes homemade pop-tarts and they are so delicious, i’ve been looking for a recipe to try, thanks for sharing this!

 · sprinkling of sugar ·

Feb 11, 2011 ·  4:45 PM

Oh I just love these! Such a great, cute idea! My little guy would devour these so fast, I can’t wait to surprise him with these. Congrats on making the Top 9!

 · The Farmers Wife ·

Feb 14, 2011 ·  2:01 PM

So cute! Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

 · Ricki ·

Feb 22, 2011 ·  1:36 PM

You can’t use the phrase “Pop Goes My Tart” and then later claim “innocent romance…”

 · James · 

Feb 22, 2011 ·  7:51 PM

Oh, but I did!



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