I'll be honest. I talk an awful lot about Cakes...

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Chocolate Cranberry Cake · GF

posted Tuesday, December 31st ⋅ 9 comments

Black and Whites

posted Tuesday, December 18th ⋅ 30 comments

Cornmeal Madeleines

posted Sunday, October 14th ⋅ 123 comments

This Recipe is the Pits

posted Tuesday, August 14th ⋅ 1368 comments

Carrot Cake Ice Cream

posted Monday, July 23rd ⋅ 26 comments

A Coat of Many Crumbles

posted Monday, July 9th ⋅ 65 comments

Faux French Buttercream · GF

posted Sunday, June 10th ⋅ 100 comments

Whole Wheat Carrot Cake

posted Monday, April 30th ⋅ 78 comments

Nouveau-German Chocolate Cake · GF

posted Thursday, March 15th ⋅ 78 comments

Extreme Makeover

posted Tuesday, March 13th ⋅ 52 comments

Apple Stack Cake

posted Sunday, January 22nd ⋅ 197 comments

Red Wine Velvet

posted Sunday, October 16th ⋅ 600 comments

German Buttercream · GF

posted Sunday, October 9th ⋅ 242 comments

Cheese Plate or Dessert?

posted Monday, April 25th ⋅ 28 comments

Four Cheese Cheesecake · GF

posted Monday, April 25th ⋅ 7 comments

Chocolate Pavé · GF

posted Monday, April 11th ⋅ 44 comments

Pour Some Sugar on Me

posted Monday, April 11th ⋅ 42 comments

Virtual Tea Party

posted Wednesday, March 23rd ⋅ 31 comments

Quick Scones

posted Wednesday, March 23rd ⋅ 5 comments

Buttermilk Beignets

posted Friday, March 4th ⋅ 4 comments

Buttermilk Beignets

posted Friday, March 4th ⋅ 25 comments

Chocolate Almond Stout Cake · GF

posted Tuesday, January 11th ⋅ 21 comments

Cupcake Adventure

posted Tuesday, January 11th ⋅ 18 comments

Winter Pears

posted Monday, December 27th ⋅ 16 comments

Pear Layer Cake · GF

posted Monday, December 27th ⋅ 29 comments

Spiced "Pumpkin" loaves

posted Friday, December 3rd ⋅ 7 comments

Gluten Free Spiced "Pumpkin" Loaves

posted Friday, December 3rd ⋅ 7 comments

Muffin Vitamins

posted Friday, December 3rd ⋅ 7 comments

Triforce Doughnuts

posted Monday, November 8th ⋅ 230 comments

Sweet Potato Doughnuts

posted Monday, November 8th ⋅ 28 comments

Gluten Free Honey Grahams · GF

posted Tuesday, October 12th ⋅ 20 comments

Sweet Cuppin' Cakes

posted Monday, September 27th ⋅ 5 comments

Chai Cocoa Cupcakes

posted Monday, September 27th ⋅ 25 comments

All Your Cake Are Belong to Us

posted Wednesday, September 8th ⋅ 19 comments

Bourbon Buttermilk Layer Cake

posted Wednesday, September 8th ⋅ 34 comments

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

posted Tuesday, August 31st ⋅ 7 comments

Matchy Matchy Matcha

posted Tuesday, August 31st ⋅ 19 comments

Swiss Buttercream · GF

posted Tuesday, August 31st ⋅ 266 comments