I'll be honest. I talk an awful lot about Restaurants...

Who can blame me? Catch up on some Restaurants-riffic posts here, or visit the Archives to browse posts and photos chronologically.

In the Bag

posted Tuesday, February 5th ⋅ 154 comments

Stick in the Mud

posted Tuesday, September 18th ⋅ 233 comments

Sweet Truth

posted Monday, June 25th ⋅ 155 comments

Sell Out

posted Sunday, April 15th ⋅ 41 comments


posted Sunday, February 19th ⋅ 347 comments

Outnumbered 49 to 1

posted Wednesday, February 8th ⋅ 54 comments

Peanut Butter Pots de Crème · GF

posted Thursday, November 10th ⋅ 15 comments

I Feel Grand

posted Saturday, September 17th ⋅ 38 comments

ROOT Beer Ice Cream Float · GF

posted Wednesday, July 6th ⋅ 6 comments

Pour Some Sugar on Me

posted Monday, April 11th ⋅ 42 comments

An Obituary

posted Friday, April 1st ⋅ 26 comments

Good Foods Market & Café

posted Wednesday, March 16th ⋅ 30 comments

Say it With Flowers

posted Friday, February 11th ⋅ 357 comments

Guest Post: pru-NOUNST sha-BLEE

posted Tuesday, February 8th ⋅ 5 comments

Table 310

posted Monday, December 20th ⋅ 179 comments

The Grey Goose

posted Friday, October 22nd ⋅ 10 comments

Cocktail: Sapphire Con Diablo · GF

posted Thursday, October 21st ⋅ 4 comments

Cocktail: The Tree House · GF

posted Wednesday, October 20th (shh top secret)

Wine + Market

posted Monday, October 4th ⋅ 514 comments