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Sarah Jane Sanders

Sarah Jane Sarah Jane Sanders is a food and editorial photographer based in Lexington, Kentucky. She pursued her degree in Fine Art with the focus on New Media at the University of Kentucky.

Sarah first joined BraveTart to photograph artisinal loose leaf teas for our post on the closing of a local tea cafe. But long before that, Sarah and I worked together at Bluegrass Baking Company, a local bakery specializing in European style hearth breads.

If you'd like to hire her for a photography assignment, shoot her an email,, or visit to browse her portfolio. BraveTart has featured her work in the following posts:

Mini Egg Chocolate Cookies

posted Monday, April 14th ⋅ 87 comments

Toasty White Drinking Chocolate · GF

posted Tuesday, February 18th ⋅ 94 comments

Chocolate Cranberry Cake · GF

posted Tuesday, December 31st ⋅ 6 comments

Eggnog Yule Log

posted Thursday, December 19th ⋅ 3 comments

Meringue Mushrooms · GF

posted Monday, December 16th ⋅ 2 comments

Failure is Definitely an Option

posted Tuesday, October 22nd ⋅ 41 comments

Who is Jerry Newberg?

posted Monday, August 12th ⋅ 53 comments

Lemon Curd · GF

posted Thursday, May 30th ⋅ 76 comments

Zeno's (Pastry) Paradox

posted Sunday, April 7th ⋅ 44 comments

Ounces Versus Fluid Ounces

posted Sunday, February 17th ⋅ 3438 comments

In the Bag

posted Tuesday, February 5th ⋅ 107 comments

Handmaid of Brand Made

posted Thursday, January 10th ⋅ 43 comments

Champagne Waffles

posted Friday, December 28th ⋅ 39 comments

Blood Orange Syrup · GF

posted Friday, December 28th ⋅ 14 comments

Chocolate Butter · GF

posted Friday, December 28th ⋅ 23 comments

Black and Whites

posted Tuesday, December 18th ⋅ 29 comments

Oyakodon · GF

posted Sunday, November 25th ⋅ 20 comments

Thanksgiving Brownies · GF

posted Monday, November 19th ⋅ 32 comments

Feeling Foxy

posted Wednesday, November 14th ⋅ 36 comments

Cornmeal Madeleines

posted Sunday, October 14th ⋅ 123 comments

Hollow Pursuits

posted Sunday, September 30th ⋅ 116 comments

Stick in the Mud

posted Tuesday, September 18th ⋅ 90 comments


posted Monday, September 3rd ⋅ 55 comments

Carrot Cake Ice Cream

posted Monday, July 23rd ⋅ 25 comments

Caffe latte Ice Cream · GF

posted Monday, July 2nd ⋅ 28 comments

Strawberry Granola · GF

posted Monday, June 18th ⋅ 31 comments

Best Case Scenario

posted Sunday, June 3rd ⋅ 63 comments


posted Sunday, May 27th ⋅ 27 comments

Feuilletine · GF

posted Monday, May 14th ⋅ 74 comments

Basil Pots de Crème · GF

posted Wednesday, May 9th ⋅ 29 comments

Strawberry Chantilly · GF

posted Wednesday, May 9th ⋅ 12 comments

Sell Out

posted Sunday, April 15th ⋅ 41 comments

White Chocolate Gianduja · GF

posted Sunday, April 15th ⋅ 47 comments

Chocolate Tart Shells

posted Saturday, April 7th ⋅ 24 comments

Fruit Roll-Ups · GF

posted Thursday, March 29th ⋅ 18 comments

Chocolate Sprinkles · GF

posted Saturday, March 3rd ⋅ 52 comments

Cookie Dough Reese's Cups · GF

posted Saturday, February 25th ⋅ 22 comments

Conversation Hearts · GF

posted Saturday, February 11th ⋅ 36 comments

Chocolate Pudding · GF

posted Saturday, February 4th ⋅ 59 comments

Why Weight?

posted Tuesday, January 31st ⋅ 104 comments

Apple Stack Cake

posted Sunday, January 22nd ⋅ 34 comments

Part of a Balanced Breakfast

posted Monday, January 16th ⋅ 30 comments

Lucky Charms · GF

posted Monday, January 16th ⋅ 13 comments

Animal Crackers

posted Friday, January 13th ⋅ 27 comments

Fig Newtons

posted Saturday, January 7th ⋅ 55 comments

Egg Nog Shake · GF

posted Thursday, December 15th ⋅ 8 comments

Apple Butter · GF

posted Monday, December 12th ⋅ 27 comments

3 Musketeers Bar · GF

posted Monday, November 28th ⋅ 16 comments

Fudge Stripe Cookies

posted Thursday, November 10th ⋅ 20 comments

Red Wine Velvet

posted Sunday, October 16th ⋅ 600 comments

German Buttercream · GF

posted Sunday, October 9th ⋅ 235 comments

I Feel Grand

posted Saturday, September 17th ⋅ 38 comments

Dairy Queen Blizzard · GF

posted Thursday, September 1st ⋅ 183 comments

Two Kinds of Chef

posted Tuesday, August 30th ⋅ 67 comments

Cookies 'n Cream Ice Cream · GF

posted Thursday, August 25th ⋅ 14 comments


posted Wednesday, August 24th ⋅ 14 comments

Serious Oreos

posted Sunday, August 14th ⋅ 28 comments

Fauxreos · GF

posted Sunday, August 14th ⋅ 65 comments

Fruit Soda (from fresh fruit) · GF

posted Monday, August 8th ⋅ 2 comments

Club: Soda

posted Monday, August 8th ⋅ 28 comments

Violetly Happy

posted Friday, July 29th ⋅ 158 comments

The Art of Leftovers

posted Monday, July 11th ⋅ 44 comments

Brown Butter Hazelnut Brownies · GF

posted Sunday, July 3rd ⋅ 39 comments

Cheese Plate or Dessert?

posted Monday, April 25th ⋅ 28 comments

Four Cheese Cheesecake · GF

posted Monday, April 25th ⋅ 7 comments

An Obituary

posted Friday, April 1st ⋅ 25 comments

Homemade Nutella · GF

posted Saturday, January 29th ⋅ 36 comments

City Slicker S'mores

posted Tuesday, October 12th ⋅ 19 comments

Gluten Free Honey Grahams · GF

posted Tuesday, October 12th ⋅ 20 comments

123 Dough

posted Friday, September 17th ⋅ 21 comments