I'll be honest. I talk an awful lot about Tarts...

Who can blame me? Catch up on some Tarts-riffic posts here, or visit the Archives to browse posts and photos chronologically.

Chocolate Tart Shells

posted Saturday, April 7th ⋅ 40 comments

A Year in the Dungeon

posted Friday, December 2nd ⋅ 32 comments

Cornmeal Shortbread

posted Monday, September 19th ⋅ 7 comments

Violetly Happy

posted Friday, July 29th ⋅ 216 comments

White Chocolate Tart Dough

posted Friday, July 29th ⋅ 8 comments

Brown Butter Hazelnut Brownies · GF

posted Sunday, July 3rd ⋅ 41 comments

Total Eclipse of the Tart

posted Tuesday, June 7th ⋅ 1978 comments

Mont Blanc

posted Monday, February 28th ⋅ 71 comments

Mont Blog

posted Monday, February 28th ⋅ 52 comments

Super Bowl Party!

posted Friday, February 4th ⋅ 6 comments

Matcha Passion Fruit Bars

posted Wednesday, February 2nd ⋅ 33 comments

Brave (Pop) Tarts

posted Tuesday, January 25th ⋅ 45 comments

Pop-Tarts · GF

posted Tuesday, January 25th ⋅ 92 comments

Caramelized Onion and Apple Tart

posted Sunday, November 14th ⋅ 6 comments

American Gothic Orchard

posted Saturday, November 13th ⋅ 25 comments

Blitz Dough

posted Saturday, November 13th ⋅ 26 comments

123 Dough

posted Friday, September 17th ⋅ 24 comments

So long sweet summer

posted Friday, September 17th ⋅ 9 comments

Fruit Tart

posted Friday, September 17th ⋅ 2 comments

Brave(Tart) New World

posted Tuesday, August 31st ⋅ 22 comments