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I'll be honest. I talk an awful lot about Victor Sizemore ...

Who can blame me? Catch up on some Victor Sizemore -riffic posts here, or visit the Archives to browse posts and photos chronologically.

The Autumn Days Are Coming

posted Sunday, October 2nd ⋅ 17 comments

Reese's Cups · GF

posted Friday, September 16th ⋅ 39 comments

Nutter Butters · GF

posted Monday, September 12th ⋅ 19 comments

Corn Syrup · GF

posted Friday, September 2nd ⋅ 41 comments

I Love it When You Call Me Beard Papa

posted Monday, June 13th ⋅ 34 comments

Lemongrass Poached Rhubarb

posted Friday, June 10th ⋅ 7 comments

I Hate Rhubarb

posted Friday, June 10th ⋅ 31 comments

The Ten Commandments

posted Saturday, May 21st ⋅ 115 comments