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Toasty White Drinking Chocolate · GF (2 mugs)

Roasting straight-up white chocolate transforms it into something else entirely. That simple, buttery sweetness deepens into a nutty, complex flavor almost like peanut butter. It makes a super rich hot chocolate, best for savoring out of little cups with Coconut Almond Marshmallows instead of whipped cream.

Caramelized white chocolate for a toasty white cocoa.

Be sure to use real white chocolate, imitation “white chips” won’t do.

Toasty White Drinking Chocolate, 2 servings
1 vanilla bean pod
6 ounces whole milk
2 ounces cream
4 ounces pure white chocolate
kosher salt, to taste

Split a vanilla bean, scrape out the seeds, and save them for another recipe or for flavoring the marshmallows. If you have an empty vanilla bean pod hanging around from another project, this is a great way to use it up. You by no means need a freshly split bean.

In a roughly 2 quart pot, combine the milk and cream with the empty vanilla pod. Bring to a simmer, then shut off the heat and steep for roughly one hour (or up to overnight, covered and refrigerated).

Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 300°. If using a big chunk of white chocolate, give it a rough chop first. Thin bars or discs can be used as-is. Put the white chocolate in a glass or ceramic baking dish, toss it in the oven and “roast,” stirring every 10 minutes or so.

It may seem lumpy and crumbly as you stir, but that’s okay. Keep going until it takes on toasted almond color, about 30 minutes total.

Return the vanilla-milk to a simmer, add the caramelized white chocolate and whisk until smooth. Season with a pinch of salt, ladle into mugs and enjoy.


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Any questions?

Feb 18, 2014 ·  8:09 AM

Wow this sounds absolutely divine. I’m going to attempt to veganize this because it sounds so amazing! Glad to see you back =)

 · Lisa Le ·

Feb 18, 2014 ·  2:29 PM

This looks delightful! I will make it after I am fully recovered from this horrific stomach flu, because as good as it looks, I…don’t want to taste it twice. Ew…Also! I have made your marshmallows, and they are phenomenal. Great tutorial.

 · Rebecca  ·

Feb 18, 2014 ·  3:28 PM

where is a good place to get pure white chocolate? or what are some brand names?

 · shay · 

Feb 18, 2014 ·  3:47 PM

Oh man! And I thought I was the only one clever enough to think that a roasted white chocolate beverage was a wonderful idea Looks great!

 · Jade · 

Feb 18, 2014 ·  7:14 PM

Oh I love caramelized white chocolate… Caramelizing it yourself is the best, but Valrhona does now sell it pre caramelized. When its warm and you can just take spoonfuls of it down your throat? Yum. I will definitely be making this soon. Also, this may be a slightly odd combination, but I imagine a white chocolate and basil drink could be interesting…

 · Elizab ·

Feb 19, 2014 ·  2:06 PM

I’m going to have to give this a try. Shay, you can find real white chocolate at The Chocolate Man. He sells online as well as in his store in Lake Forest Park WA and is a great resource.

 · Barbie ·

Feb 19, 2014 ·  4:29 PM

Any idea what the fat, calories and sugar is on this?

 · Minnie Marsh · 

Feb 19, 2014 ·  4:45 PM

@Lisa, thanks! Hope to be getting into the groove!

@Rebecca, awwwww. Get better soon!!

@shay, I like to order white chocolate online because it is so much more affordable than what you buy at the grocery. Most sellers ship with frozen gel packs, so it’s safe to order any time of year. I love brands like Callebaut and Valrhona. Just look for “cocoa butter” to be the second ingredient listed!

@Jade, great minds think alike! Although I certainly can’t take credit for inventing it, pastry chefs have been roasting white chocolate for a looooong time.

@Elizab, hmmmmm, white chocolate and basil, or caramelized white chocolate and basil? I can see the first a little more easily, but perhaps I just need to think outside the box on the second!

@Barbie, thanks for the recommendation for Shay. I’ve never heard of the Chocolate Man, I’ll have to look him up!

@Minnie, I’m sorry to say I don’t have any nutritional data for my recipes.


Feb 23, 2014 · 12:47 AM

Imo, in terms of fat/calories for things like the odd caramelized white drinking chocolate with marshmallows, if you have to ask can you seriously afford it? ; ) Isn’t it all about the single, small portion as a special treat, maybe once or twice a year..?

Also, I love the idea of veganizing it using straight cacao butter, coconut cream and an all natural white chocolate extract I’ve got…Valrohna’s white chocolate is a tad too milky flavored for me, but would be delicious for dairy lovers!

 · tunie · 

Feb 24, 2014 · 10:20 AM

Hi Tunie! Yeah, I have never been a calorie counter. I understand that for some people, it’s a very helpful tool for staying within a caloric budget, but these systems tend to favor mass produced foods over homemade (due to the lack of labeling) which is unfortunate.

You can definitely veganize it! I’ve had some super tasty vegan white chocolate, and that would caramelize magnificently. it would be great paired with (unsweetened) coconut milk, cut with a little water to keep it drinkable. Let me know if you try it out!


Feb 25, 2014 · 11:14 AM

I’ve roasted white chocolate before, but never thought to make a drink from it….brilliant!

 · Oui, Chef ·

Feb 25, 2014 ·  9:00 PM

Oui Chef, I hope you’ve got a chance to try it out before things warm up too much for hot chocolate!



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