Cocktail: The Tree House · GF (from Paul Borntraeger)

fruity drink and pizza Ideally, this drink is best enjoyed while sitting on the patio at The Grey Goose with a fried egg pizza. The salty sweet combination is totally addicting.

Bartender Paul Borntraeger invented this for a few regulars, but it has since become a restaurant wide favorite. He shared this recipe with Rosco and I when we visited to take photos at the restaurant.

Paul changes the fruit used in the drink in keeping with the seasons. We made our visit and took our photos with summer’s heat still lingering. With fall in swing, try summer berries for persimmon.

The Tree House
1½ oz vodka
¾ oz Amaretto
¾ oz peach Schnapps
3 oz grapefruit juice
A few pieces of seasonal fruit
optional: mint sprig

Muddle a piece of the seasonal fruit in the bottom of a Collins glass. Top with ice. In a shaker, combine the liquors and shake well. Strain into the iced glass and garnish with another piece of fruit, and mint if you like. Enjoy!

Collins glass of pink drink

Note from Stella: Paul is currently competing for the title of “America’s Favorite Bartender” with GQ Magazine. If you’ve been to the Grey Goose to enjoy one of his tasty drinks, or if you just enjoy this recipe, please vote for him by texting “GQ6160” to 88704. Voting ends on November 18th!


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